Al Tofola Company is a closed joint stock company based in Riyadh. It offers services to children aged 3-14 years using various programs and products (teaching, training, entertainment) according to integrated educational plans that are implemented by highly-qualified staff in educational environments of high standards.


The Company has adopted a number of important strategies to ensure success for its projects and programs. These are:

  • Providing a creative, highly- resourced and well-equipped environment.
  • Conducting studies, research and field surveys to support the Company’s programmes and steer them in the right scientific direction.
  • Recruiting the best and most experienced staff in the field of working with from inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Building strategic partnerships and alliances with the best organizations working with children around the world.
  • Adopting the highest standards of quality and mastery in all educational and administrative processes.
  • Continuous training of the working human resources and continuous updating of equipment, instruments and methods.
  • Adopting the model of small educational complexes with the aim of ensuring maximum focus on limited groups of children and raising the standards of their care.

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